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This was a Finnish battle-cry that was used and repeated by Finnish Nazi soliders in WW2. (secret underground allies with Nazi Germany) It basically means, "all the defective (i.e. subhumans/untermensch) are/will be destroyed".

It was sort of like ("BANZAI!!" with the Japanese); but for the Finns.

Or, the Italian fascist battle war cry, which was "Molti nemici molto onore" (Many enemies; Much more honour, etc.)
Brainwashed Finnish jetliner: Kaikki Saastunëët Tuhotaan!! (Finnish missile fires off jet towards Leningrad, Russia under Hitler's command.)

(Interesting factoid: the Finnish long denied that they had any involvement with Germany, but the Russians and the West finally pressured the Finnish to admit it, after the war. The Polish longed denied and unrecognized this fact as well (out of denial); because they liked the Finnish a lot. It was widely believed that German soldiers were attacking Leningrad (St. Petersberg) alone; when in actuality a lot of these bomber planes were flown by Finns working in a Nazi German secret government. For a while the Germans also denied Hitler attacking Leningrad but later admitted it, when loads of solid evidence of German infiltration were found.)
by Charmouche May 29, 2018
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