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Kaibree is a quiet girl who loses herself in a fictional world. She is usually is hiding deep secrets about herself in order to protect her friends. She is sweet and caring. If she lets you in as a friend, keep her because she won’t let you down. If you want her to love you, buy her a book and talk to her when she sits up, awake at 3 am.
Stranger: who is that girl?
Friend: oh that’s Kaibree. You couldn’t tell from her nose in a book?
Stranger: I didn’t see that.
by kibikat June 17, 2018
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Kaibree is a sweet adorable girl. She has her problems but is strong enough to overcome them. If your friends with her she’ll be sure to make you laugh. She is so respectful and polite. She is a very loving person no matter how much she doubts it. If you date her your in for a real treat because she is very beautiful and will love you with all her heart. Don’t get on her bad side because she will make sure that something will happen to you. (Unless she gets to scared). Kaibree is the best person I’ve ever met and she is someone to talk to if you are going to things. She will care and love you no matter what’s wrong.
Don’t mess with Kaibree or her wifey might come after you!
by Fake friends suck August 14, 2018
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