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A very outgoing girl, who is into everything but rap and pop. She bends the label rules by wearing Abercrombie and Fitch, listens to Everything you probably havent heard of. And has liked Dashboard from the start. So dont fucking tell me that I only like them cause they are on MTV. I FUCKING CRIED WHEN I SAW THEM ON THERE! CAUSE MTV WAS THE DEATH OF DASHBOARD! And All you mother fuckers out there who NOW like TBS, STD, Thurday etc etc. FUCK OFF OF OUR MUSIC! IT WAS OURS FIRST MOTHER FUCKeRS KEEP IT FOR THE INDIE/EMO FUCKS! Fucking creatons. YOU LICK ASS! Kaesi also LOVE POETRY PHOTOGRAPHY AND MUSIC(If you didnt already know) She likes fucking shopping! And FUCKING HATES TAKING HER LITHIUM! FUCK THAT BULLSHIT HEADACHE TO THE MAX!
Kaesi is the shizz mofuckka! YeAYY!
by BrandNewChick September 17, 2004
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