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Kadaja is a fun,crazy,down to earth girl!She is always being herrself and stays introble.Kadaja is the loudest in the halls of fame but is willing to do anything for her friends but yet still trying to keep her hands clean of any drama.Kadaja is a awesome girl and is very classy.She will try her very best to put a smile on your face even though you may not notice it.Kadaja brings the party and only the luckiest guy ever gets to be in the presence of Kadaja!She dose'nt just like any boy in her sight of eye she looks for the things that really matter.Kadaja is very protective about the things she love and she likes playing with her friends and having a faithful boyfriend around in town.One thing Kadaja hates is to fight she's to classy for that and thats just not her.Kadaja's sence of humor is very plesant at times.Kadaja is a name of ''Love All Over''
Mann I need a girlfriend A.S.A.P!

Well to bad you not getting Kadaja!

Bruh I bet I can pull her if I wanted to!

Umm no you cant! your not her type!

Well fuck it!

Yea I thought so she my girl and she loves me!

by markus g December 02, 2010
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