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She Smart and outstanding. Respectful but not scared to speak her mind. Don't let no one control her and sweet with a bad ass attitude so if you make an Ka'Orie mad you better hide. She thick asf but she get her body from her mamma Ka'Orie's don't play no games when it comes down to fighting and She's a KEEPER, Guys will be lucky to have her so, never lose a Ka'Orie they will have your back but if you fuck up then you better run. There fun to be around and can tell a fake bitch from a mile away and they are different but in a good way and crazy so don't test her. She brave and outspoken.
Damn Ka'Orie don't be playing with these Bitches

Ka'Orie is a good friend but i should have never talked about her

That's my bae Ka'orie she thick asf
I wish i had Ka'Orie back she's one of a kind
by Ms.Unique_2u July 11, 2018
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