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Kurogane is a character from the anime/manga {Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles

Kurogane is a ninja who, against his will and at the discretion of Princess Tomayo, was sent from Tokyo, Japan to another dimension to Yuko the Witch of Dimensions. There he meets Fai D. Flowright, Syaoran and Princess Sakura. He is easily irritated and seems to be annoyed by everything...especially Mokona. His clothing trademark is mainly black with the red head piece with the moon on it.

Yuko takes away his sword, Silver Drangon, as his payment to travel dimensions. Kurogane almost fails to give it up seeing as his father gave it to him before he died. However, he does end up giving it but says he'll return for it.

His hot-headed disposition and frequent outbursts at Fai and Mokona make him one of the most interesting and hilarious characters.

Not to mention he is pretty damn hott.
"I love Kurogane because he basically wears no shirt."
by Limsykins June 16, 2007
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