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KTMRocks (Kathmandu Rocks) is a non-profit organization in based in Kathmandu Nepal, they promote Metal, they eat metal, drink metal and shit metal. KTMRocks loves Death Metal and Black Metal any band doing these genre are awesome according to KTMRocks.

KTMRocks organize lots of concerts, most of them are "Lamb of God" tribute concerts ,90% bands play LOG cover songs or some metal core rest 10% plays Death Metal or Black Metal.

In the view of KTMRocks , everyone below age 25 is asshole, the guys or girls below 16 who posts in KTMRocks Facebook Page will be raped in ass by the big brown pet bear raised by KTMROCKS ..
every message in KTMRocks end with this sign > \m/
Guy 1: That KTMRocks concert is ausome..

Guy 2: sure it was, 4/5 bands there played Lamb of God ,, we also made mostbeat on Laid to Rest \m/.
by lad_gaga August 04, 2011
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