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A KS'r is someone with no life who spends most of their days posting meaningless garble in an attempt to look "cool" by having the highest post count. Most KS'rs are perverted and there is a high percentage of people missing the part of their brain that makes you s-m-r-t!!
Look at that nerdy looking guy! He MUST be a KS'r!!!
by teehee February 03, 2005
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The HOTTEST, SEXIEST, MOST AMAZING thing in the state of Oregon. The so called "Jesus" of Portland. His appearance is so stunning that your heart will stop immediately. This so called masterpiece of a human dwells in the "ghetto" of our magnificent city. Only few have the extravagant privilege of having contact with this ruler of all things wonderful. If you dare to "mess with" or "distract" us from our view of him, you will be brutally sliced shortly after the encounter. Water polo is a very lucky sport to behold this man in its waters.
by megreenyellowwhite July 26, 2011
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