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An acronym for Kill People, Burn Shit, Fuck School as in the chorus of the Tyler, The Creator song Radicals, and is also said a part of the Earl Sweatshirt song Pigeons.
Mike: Kill People,Burn shit, Fuck School!

Jasper: What?

Mike: KPBSFS it's the chorus to a song.

Jasper: What song?

Mike: Radicals by Tyler, The Creator.
by Kuz'n Kush October 14, 2011
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"Kill People Burn Shit Fuck School"

The acronym came from "Radical" by Tyler, the Creator. Although he seems like a tool now, he made it big, so you have to respect him. Plus he's got a sick flow.

It's what you say when your educational system is falling right before your eyes,
And all these industry cunts call you a blister on society, fuck them, they're all blind
They despise us but really where is their propriety? Give us a break, would you be so kind?

Man... I have to either pay tuition or pay my rent, I am so fucked for money.
by kaptainketamine August 20, 2012
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