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Kill Myself Ratio. Usually adds up to 100, the ratio is the amount you desire to Kill Yourself (KY) in relation to the amount you'd like to live. Usually expressed as such: (eg. 91:9), in which you'd like to kill yourself with 91% of your inner desires.
If you work in Corporate America, you KM ratio probably never gets below 85:15, and that's on the day you leave for a 2 week vacation. It improves as the weekend nears, but really all that's you need to tip you to actually KY is something like vegetarian day in the cafeteria. On particularly crappy days, it can exceed 100 (eg 105:-5)
it's Friday, I hate my job so my KM ratio is normally 99:1, but today it's 98:2 because I'm gonna get so drnk and hammered tonight right after work.

see roungetable dot blogspot dot com
by WCQ8 November 02, 2010
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