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KC gonzales is anal sex using KC Masterpiece barbecue sauce as the lubricant.
"Tony said he had a great time. After the barbecue, his wife invited him inside for a little kc gonzales."
by quirky nacho 69 October 17, 2011
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KC is a crazy mother f&%$#*@!!! well, not really, more like DE LEON F&%#@&#! that's right, this supposedly "sweet" girl shares a secret love with the perfectly round Spanish teacher. She is very upset because Mr. De Leon just recently came out of the closet. Poor her... she's so sad because De Leon left her for Reyes!! isn't that disgusting... so next time when you see KC, give her a BIG HUG and comfort her as much as possible!
Random guy 1: Hey, why is Mr. De Leon's room light off, i know he's in there.
Random guy 2: I don't know, lets take a peek!
Random guy 1: OMG!! who's that girl with him under the desk?!?!
Random guys 1 and 2: IT'S KC!!
by anonymous(indian) February 12, 2005
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