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The K-Fed Toby is one of the newest Tobies out there. The K-Fed Toby is after Kevin Federline. Where Kevin Federline is a pure Toby at heart, the K-Fed Toby is a hybrid. The K-Fed Toby has several breeds, the wanna be toby, the New Iberia toby, the Carencro toby, the pretty boy toby. This Toby could become the next pure breed Toby on the species list. This Toby is not dangerous at all and has many Pretty Boy Toby tendencies. As with all Tobies, the K-Fed Toby does not believe in condoms. He is a raw dog master and will impregnate any Tasha in his path. Just like the Pretty Boy Toby he will hate to the max.
Check out that K-Fed toby pimpin over there.
by Schemer420 September 06, 2011
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