A really good anime about a dude who is accused of murder and kings and their clans are looking for the dude.
Me: "Bro have you seen K Project?"
Me: "Go watch K Project! It's the best anime ever!"
by ilikeanime13 December 2, 2020
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K - Kings
People who don't understand the plot are stupid.
"Yoooo I don't understand K Project"
"You're stupid"
by hellokittykawaii123 February 2, 2021
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a small-time hiphop and r'n'b group from the city of k-dub in ontario canada
Teen 1: yo have you heard the new K-Dub Project song?
Teen 2: If I Were You??
Teen 1: yeah!
Teen 2: damn yo, who hasnt? its off the hook!!
by kdubkid April 3, 2007
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