A small community of young Irish Devotees, brought together by a common belief in religion and spirituality, and guided by the four regulative principals of Krsna Consciousness:

No meat eating.
No illicit sex.
No intoxication.
No gambling.

By living by these four guides and participating in other spiritual activities they hope that they can once again return back to Godhead (heaven), to serve and play with the Supreme Personality.

'K' an acronym for Krsna , and Crew as in a group a people.
Guy 1:'What you doing for New Years?'
Guy 2:'Hanging out with the K Crew, like every year.'
Guy 1:'You mean the Gay Crew?'
Guy 2:'No...'

Guy 1: 'Where you pre drinking tonight?'
Guy 2:'Just having a few people over to mine.'
Guy 1:'Can I come?'
Guy 2:'No sorry, it's just a K crew thing.'
by Harrold108 February 28, 2013
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