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An extremely amazing, sexy girl. She's hot, out going, cute, hilarious, pretty, snazzy, amazing hugs, beautiful, smart, fit, skinny. Everybody wants her and loves her. And everybody wants to be her friend, she's perfect. She'll definitely make you jizz your pants, even if you're a girl. She's also very ninja, and she's just amazing. She has an amazing smile and just a perfect face and everything its like uowhsduikxhwsaiudhxq. She can never ever be replaced. She is the best person you will ever ever meet in life and you'll be extremely sad if you loose her. She's so random and crazy and always messing around and pulling jokes, but they're amazing. She's so good at sport and pro at basketball, soccer and like EVERYTHING ELSE :) If you meet a Jyr you'll love her forever. she's worth it :) MY BESTFRIEND IS AMAZING. <3 <3 x0x0x0 9055!P 9HUr|
"I'm depressed"
"Then lets go and find you a Jyr"

by 9055!P 9HUR| June 28, 2011
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