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Implies that an object is of an accepted, regulation, run-of-the-mill nature. Expressed as prefix to a statement, usually followed by reference to said object.

Can quite literally be applied to anything, in any context...
We have invited some chicks over. Just your standard KG slappers.

James went to the doctor, due to a huge swelling of his plugger. He discovered that he had contracted just your standard herpes off a KG slapper.

Guy 1: Dude, heard you copped a sick BJ on saturday night!?
Guy 2: It was just your standard, really.

Guy 1: Did you bring large doms?
Guy 2: Nah just your standard...

Guy: Did you shave this time? I dont want another rancid fanny bashing.
Girl: Hell no, Ive got just your standard jungle going on down there. Chimps and all.

Guy: Can I just have your standard "happy meal" thanks?
Maccas: Would you like to supersize?
Guy: What part of "standard" did you not understand, dick bitch?

Guy 1: How was last night with the missus?
Guy 2: Retarded as usual. We were doing the deed when she bit my piece. Did me no harm but left me with just your standard bruising.
by CambyRoar April 23, 2009
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