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A senior aged to post-cougar MILF in remarkably good shape and figure, most often observed at higher-end grocery stores. Jurassic MILFs are usually only spotted by men post-40 years of age as the lowest age bracket. Particularly fine specimens with glorious plumage can attract the attention of adult males as young as 15 years of age. Jurassic MILFs have become far more prevalent with later aged divorce rates and improved brassiere technology while younger females average heavier mass.

Jurassic MILFs should not be confused with "backside hit and runs" where a viewer's initial evaluation of garmented backside approval meets a leathered front side. Some Jurassic MILFs are such an enigma that another shopping cart drive-by is needed to fully absorb the situation. Jurassic MILF's are a more proud, stable, and submissive creature that lack the attention deficit of the Cougar. For this reason, idle attempts at conversation are low risk without mental Seppuku.
Yeah, Casi's on the corner....great fish. Try it, its the autobaun of MILF to Jurassic MILF.
by contributer_to_pop March 06, 2014
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