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Making clothing out of scraps that people would otherwise discard. "Another man's trash is another man's treasure" mentality.
While "Junk Punk" may use scraps and "trash" the objects found on the clothing are completely reusable and in good shape. A style of recycling taken to an extreme.
Dude: Why are you dressed like a hobo?
Girl: I think you mean "scallawag," sir.
Dude: Fine, whatever, why are you wearing trash?
Girl: It's not trash, it's Junk Punk! *leadpipetokidney*
Dude: ow...
by bluehairedplagiarism February 08, 2010
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Noun: 1. People who dress in the "Mad Max" style which includes leather, steel, and other post-apocalyptic elements while straying from the classic metal head, goth, and punk genres; usually covered in dust, dirt, and grease, sporting needless survival gear from decades past.

2. The above mentioned, but with an affinity for throwing vehicles together from spare (usually rusty) parts and a welding torch. Hence being covered in dust, dirt, and grease.

3. The above mentioned who specifically ride rat bikes.
Those Junk Punks threw together a really bad-ass truck.
by Zro the Desert Baron May 05, 2007
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Junk Punk is the new "Punk" groups like Blink 182, Green Day, Panic! at the disco ect. It's no longer real punk, but pop-punk.
Buddy: Man, have you downloaded the latest blink song?
You: Nah, that shit is just junk punk.
by pgcr90 March 09, 2007
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