The Internet handle by the infamous yet illicit junior grimes, or atleast one of his many usernames. He’s the smartest mf you could ever meet. For someone whom everyone calls crazy and mentally ill alot of the pointe he makes are 100% spot on especially the ones about human behavior and nature of the mind and religion too,

A philosophical villain that makes valid points about society and the meaninglessness oF life itself

he’s villainous yet sympathetic.

Anywhere you see that username you’ll find J

Religion is mans attempt to understand “god” and the unknown

No one shall uncover that which is hidden or illegal unless by the forbidden one

The people: you mean juniortrooper69?

Cult leaders: exactly! He’s who we should aspire to be like


person 1: damn I need a new username?

Person 2: what about juniortrooper69?

Person 1: are you fucking retarded? It’s taken plus I don’t wanna get shot for stealing from the forbidden one

Person 2: oh yeah, sucks to be you then lol
by Sayonarab August 29, 2021
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Internet outlaw, the perfect antagonist or anti Eboy
Juniortrooper69 has been banned again, hopefully for good.

“Somebody tried to use “juniortrooper69” again as their username, don’t they understand that it’s banned and no one’s allowed to copyright it??”
by SlickSnacc February 9, 2022
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tik toker who posts questionable and criminally suspect content. Known as “J bravo” or just junior but also enjoys causing chaos and provoking the internet.

juniortrooper69 is often underestimated which makes his inevitable ascension even scarier
Juniortrooper69 is an infamous tik toker

Junior is the cringiest social media personality this ever was, without a doubt he’s a beautiful young man with potential but there’s a line between potential and reality, and juniortrooper69 is one evil motherfucker..

Beware the hair!
by Wankers rage January 3, 2022
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