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A junior firefighter or commonly known as explorer helps out the real firemen they get the bunker gear that firemen wear and they do everything a normal fireman would do except go into the building... They do things from changing air packs to Spraying the hose at the fire outside of the building many junior firefighters are so dedicated to the program they go to real firefighter meetings and drills....most explorers end up being real firefighters in the longrun Being a junior firefighter is great and will set a fun expierence for you As i said before you Get Bunker gear known as the equipment Firemen wear into the building Being a junior firefighter is GREAT!
Fireman:Hey Buddy/explorer Heres my air pack Change out the tank for me
Junior firefighter:Okay will do!
Fireman:Hey explorer! Get that hose out of the back pumper! Get it hooked up to the hydrant and spray that right window!
Junior firefighter:I love this program its the best
by Exploreroffirefighting April 20, 2011
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