Internet persona known for being a mystery albeit notorious criminally versatile street kid. part time rapper and tik toker (@juniortrooper69)

junior b is a kid with an enigmatic yet troubled past and seeks unknown pleasures in life even at the expense of everyone’s safety and ethics
Junior b is almost always trouble and thrives off the suffering of others but downplays his malevolent nature

Girl 1: I love you

Junior b: I know, I love me too

Girl 1: ugh

The reason junior b exists is still unknown yet known, he serves a purpose despite being chaotic and anti society.
by Wankers rage January 19, 2022
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"Yo Mark, did you pass the drug test?"
"Nah bud, too much time out in the boonies ripping Junior B"
by bobbydigital10-4 June 5, 2019
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The junior B grade is more than just a grading system in hurling and peil in Ireland, it's a way of life for many.

Often played with the bare minimum of talented players. The majority dying from the heavy session from the night before.

The age limit exceeds 50+.

In hurling it's not usual to come out with a broken leg as it's Junior B after.

Win or lose in Junior B it's mere tradition to Sup (have few pints) after every game.

It also not uncommon to have a half time fag whilst the selector would be questioning his decision to show up.

Winning county in junior B is a dream every man wishes to achieve in his such short playing career.

The pints had after will stay long in the memory of every junior B player
Philip: Hey man you around later?

Jimmy: Ya why?

Philip: We've junior b game later and well we've only 11 players. You tog out for us??

Jimmy: Ya course man! Anything for junior B! Few pints before it?

Philip: The team talk is being held at the pub so of course.
by ThePussySmasher2k14 May 26, 2014
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