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A person who resembles or has behavior consistent of that of a jungle dwelling creature such as a chimp or other primate. They may be seen engaging in ritualistic mating dances in public areas, or patting their disheveled weaves on the shores of the nearest watering hole. They often reply to communication from others with "whoops" or "calls". Jungletons should not be approached under any circumstance, except by animal control.
Steve: Why is Tranisha running on all fours???
Jeremy: Oh Steve, pay her no mind, she's just a Jungleton.

Daquan: Bae twerkin like she from the Mothaland.
Javonte: That tribal twerk, imma get me some.

Nat Geo Film Crew: Watch closely as the Jungletons approach the female specimen.
by Kaffrey July 27, 2014
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