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Someone who specializes in the playing and winning of the 1981 Konami arcade classic, Jungler. They are considered an unorganized cult and as such are known to identify each other in large crowds via a system of "calling out", where one Jungalo exclaims "I just beat you in "Jungler", the following reply is often something along the lines of "BULLSHIT!"

Jungalos are often hostile towards each other and are especially so during their time playing the game itself. The challenge of the game and the required concentration means that a Jungalo interrupted mid game, will become immediately aggressive.
"I was just asking that dude using the Jungler machine guy where the bathrooms were and he punched me! I had no way of knowing he was a Jungalo!"

"Man, i was walking to my car and some Jungalo bitch said he beat my 180,000 score in the Jungler machine at Rob's. I told him "Fuck No." and got in my car. Now he knows......"
by Mikemcn April 06, 2010
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