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Literally, "Jumpers Hit It" is a command used in the US Army Airborne community to initiate the "Hit It" exercise. It is a drill used to familiarize jumpers with the action of activating the reserve parachute if they feel no opening shock after a 4 second count.

In Airborne lore, "Jumpers Hit It" is a classically common tramp stamp tattoo among female parachute riggers and female paratroopers in general.

The "Jumpers Hit It" tattoo is an iconic representation of everything that is desirable in the character and persona of a truly successful female paratrooper. She is bold. She has a twisted sense of humor on par with that of her male counterparts. She is without inhibitions sexually. Most importantly, her intrinsic level of comfort with her debaucherous drunken exploits with many many partners is so ingrained into her personality, she thinks a permanent indicator of that, tattooed on her body is funny as hell.
>> Dude have you ever actually seen a girl who had the Jumpers Hit It tattoo??

>> Nah but I saw pictures of it in the books in several tattoo shops around Fort Bragg, I know at least some girls out there have to have it..
by ABN_PMPN505 June 18, 2011
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