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A science fiction series written by David Louis Edelman, that centers around the main character, Natch, living in Earth around 500-ish years in the future (The actual date is not specified.), where he is obsessively involved in the rather brutal market that sells programs for the human biology; the bio/logic market. The main storyline is about how Natch goes from being a complete selfish prick to being a complete selfless non prick, and how the second main character, Jara, goes from being a completely helpless character self confidence-wise to finding her self confidence. This story introduces a very strange and thought-provoking technology called Multireal; Multireal is a program that can supposedly allow the user to control the outcome of an event. The trilogy consists of "Infoquake", "Multireal", and "Geosynchron." If you are a sci-fi fan then stop what you're doing right now and read it if you haven't.
"The Jump 225 series is the shit!"
"I thought Jara was a bit of a bitch at first, but she's cool now."
"This trilogy is completely underrated!"
by KalkeinicLogic February 04, 2013
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