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Oou she a whole baddie. She will attack you if you do mess with her, she will though protect you if she actually cares about you. She loves talking to people and actually making friends. She is also really pretty and smart, she gets all the boys. She is also so rich and fancy (boujee)
Girl 1: OMG!! I forgot to study we have a math test today!!!
Jullienne: well you lucky you got me I can help you with answers...

Girl 1: ugh thank god your my parter, youโ€™re so smart and helpful.
by CORNCOB๐Ÿ˜‚ November 08, 2018
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Jullienne a strong headed, graceful , smart minded and shy but get loud person with determination and kindness. If you see a jullienne in nature you should be careful and not play her because she will attack.
Wow look itโ€™s a jullienne

Omg jullienne

Itโ€™s julze
by Urban dictionary girl February 07, 2018
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