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Julia and Chill means you invite someone over to watch Julia Child's "The French Chef" together for three continuous days or more. It normally requires bringing a bowl of butter over for the butter rubbing session performed by rubbing an obscene amount of butter on the other person and massaging all over them whenever Julia uses her butter. One's also expected to bring along bottles of wine/cognac as well as an eviscerated turkey in order to play a popular drinking game called "la dinde de ménagère". La dinde de ménagère means that you drink the wine when Julia says the word "sautée", "bouillon" or "pâté" meanwhile rubbing your genital against the turkey 'til theres liquid fill in the turkey. This game goes on until the turkey is full and the two proceed to either copulate with the turkey or defecate in it but ONLY after the body fluid is cleared out and gently cooked following Julia's famous recipe "sauce de la bouguerille":

1)pour your fluid in pan
2)add in flour and the remaining butter and wine
3)reduce to 1/3 (=1/2)
4)serve with freshly chopped parsley, if desired

Then, one MUST recite that tongue twister Julia skillfully recited at the end of the turkey episode, in french: “Didon dîna, dit-on, du dos dodu d’un dodu dindon.” Then one proceeds to drink the sauce (or as in common practice, serve w/ roasted potatoes). This shall cause the person to uncontrollably scream out "Bon appétit!"upon reaching orgasm. The effect is permanent and can't be undone.
I tried out Julia and Chill with Paul last week and now I yell "Bon appétit" whenever I cum.
by lafluffieputin July 19, 2016
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