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1. A person who snakes your run while partaking in board sports (i.e. Snowboarding, skateboarding, skiing, etc.)

2. A person who partakes in an action sport, dresses like they've been doing said sport for years (makes you think they can nail everytrick ever- everytime), but is actually very bad or basic at said sport.


1. Person #1 goes to hit a box while snowboarding, when person #2 speeds down the mountain, and hits the box before person #1 can get to it.

Person #1 yells at person #2 "Hey, fuck you, juicesacker!"

2. Group of people on a lift watch a person in flashy colors speeding down the jump line at a ski resort.

Person on lift, "I bet this guy's gonna bust out
atleast a fat 9."
Person straight airs all the jumps oin the jump line, with the occasional Indy grab.
Person on lift, "damn, that dude's a juicesacker..."
by Spe5hul March 09, 2010
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