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Juhana is a beautiful,smart, dependable, fun loving, hilarious and kind hearted. When you're around Juhana there's never a dull moment, She makes your like 20x better and really an amazing girl that comes off shy but will blow you off.She's the unique kind who loves to be your friend,bitchy when she wants to be and has a temper so don't tick her off.She is a wild cat in bed at times and can make you feel lucky.She can play 24/7 Call Of Duty with you if you're a gamer. Just an amazing friend would do.She enjoys sports, but only when it's hardcore and will leave you sweating in a leotard. She also likes reading but she likes writing even more.
Person 1: Who is that beautiful girl making everyone laugh?
Person 2: oh that's just Juhana. She makes everyone's life colourful. :D
by Heatedgal September 01, 2017
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