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The mysterious jungle you might find yourself in when you're really drunk.

Juggrassic Park is a state of mind that one can only achieve after heavy drinking. Finding Juggrassic Park is not easy. It involves a reasonable amount of insanity, a lot of drinking, and not blacking out or passing out.

You can tell if someone else is in Juggrassic Park if they start saying or doing crazy things for a long period of time. Usually this is done while wearing a boonie hat or helmet

Professor Charles Xavier from X-men is the ruler of Juggrassic Park. If you or anyone you know has fought anyone while in Juggrassic Park, they were probably Charles' Juggeraptors.

Shit is always falling in Juggrassic Park. Be nice to Charles.

Please note that "Charles" is always pronounced "Chaales."
"Listen, We ALL get lost on the way to Juggrassic Park. Sebastian from the Little Mermaid said to take a left at the coral.....

Charles you know damn well the last time I went to Juggrassic Park to get the haircut by a velociraptor, I left with a tattoo on my nuts, a prince albert, got some graphics on my asshairs, plus i got a new tattoo on my chest saying 'Long-dick Willy'

Fuck knockin'! Let me in!"
by OneKnee February 24, 2011
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