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Packages of nothing. Juggalos don't give a fuck about anything except "neden" and the "wicked shit" so why would they make care packages? duh!
Soldier: "Yo dawgs check out my Juggalo Care Packages! Hey what the fuck? It's an empty box! Man fuck ICP I'm gonna cap they ass!"
by Juggakilla69 February 24, 2010
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The Juggalo Care Package Program, or J.C.P. was founded in 2004 with the purpose of sending care Packages to Juggalos and Juggalettes that are serving in the various branches of the Armed forces. The J.C.P. is dedicated to keeping Clown Luv alive and strong, even among the members of the Juggalo Family that are on the other side of the world. Regardless of your political views, or your thoughts on the war itself, we can all agree that the soldiers that are involved are some of the bravest and most respectable Ninjas of all.
The J.C.P. has created a way for civilian Juggalos to be able to easily show their Luv, respect, and support for Military Juggalos, through sending personalized letters and messages that we include in the packages that we send out. Along with these letters, The J.C.P. jam packs these packages with custom C.D.’s, Faygo, candy, snacks and all kinds of Juggalo Flava, all at the personal expense of the J.C.P. They make a point not to ask for financial donations (However, they do accept them if you feel comfortable) but instead what they ask for from the Juggalo Family is simple. If your associated with any Juggalo bands/musicians, Juggalo web sites, etc… any materials that you would be willing to donate (C.D.’s T-Shirts, Etc…) would be greatly appreciated and are all included in the packages they send out. From the rest of the Juggalo Family, they are asking for you to send in Letters, messages, and well wishes, and the addresses of Juggalos in the Military.
They put a lot of time and work into this program, but without the support of the Juggalo Family, none of this would be possible. Your support is essential. If you have any question or comments, contact the J.C.P. through e-mailing, or simply check out The J.C.P's web pages:
In may/june of 2006, the J.C.P. sent out the most recent round of Juggalo Care Packages. They reached a record number of juggalos in the millitary, and were filled with more than ever before. this was the third round so far. the next batch of packages are already being constructed
by Rev. Drew Ullrich June 30, 2006
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