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Infamous ska/reggae artist and skinhead. The King of rudeness.

Born Alexander Minto Hughes in Kent, England. Died from a heart attack March 13th 1998 after a concert in a pub in Canterbury, England at the age of 53.

Renowned for his beer belly and dirty lyrics described as, "as subtle as a smack in the ear with a housebrick".

After Bob Marley & the Wailers he is the second best selling reggae artist in the history of the British charts.
Also, he was the first white reggae artist to have a hit and perform in Jamaica. The jamaicans did not know this though when Dread entered the stage, but when looking at the numbers of sold records on the island, he did not disappoint them.

Known for his Big-hits ("Big One", "Big Six", "Big Nine" et. c.)and his tribute to the golden days of the skinhead culture in "Last of the Skinheads". Dread also sang covers of classic ska hits like Phoenix City, Skinhead Moonstomp and Rudy, A Message to You.

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"You talk about punk, but I was a punk ten years ago. I was doing things against society long before anyone else. I've been shocking people for years. What it boils down to now, is you're always known for it. It doesn't matter wether it's clean or dirty. I've had the highest number of records banned in the history of music. 20 singles and 8 LPs. I've applied to Guiness Book of Records twice."

His last words was, "Let's hear it for the band."
by Whastey Waste May 21, 2005
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