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1. An elite group of co-conspirators, greater than the Illuminatti, who happen to be your best friends. This group appears to be helping you on on their side, but are continually seeking your demise. Their name is derived from the most famous traitors in history, Judas Iscariot and Marcus Brutus. This team has all the charm of King Cobra, and all the smarts, training, and resources of the Navy SEALS and the CIA wrapped up in a suit of body armor. Any unfortunate event or personal downfall can be directly attributed to their actions, but you will never be able to prove it. Their tactics include personal life hijacking, anonymous Blackberry hacking, beat downs, and all forms of depravity and debauchery. They daily meet in their secret J.B.C. underground lair before you wake up to discuss how they will mess with you.
The Judas and Brutus Connection (J.B.C.) strikes again!
by keith0824 July 17, 2010
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