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A sex position involving a black midget, a kitten, and a scottish bulldog. The female must spit on the midget's head until it is so lubed she forces it up her vagina. meanwhile, the female forces the kittens paw up the bulldog's butt.

Once the midget has removed his head from the female's vagina, he forces himself to throw up on the female's asshole, and shoves it all in. The female then forces herself to shit out the vomit and she eats it. Then, the female will swollow the midgets cum, throw it up, and force the kitten and bulldog to finish it. each step is critical.
Me and an old friend pulled a gnarley Jratchet last night and i still can't feel the lower half of my body.
by The exterminator6969 October 10, 2011
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