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The best girl in the whole wide world. she loves being talked to and when someone makes her sad only her bestfriends can cheer her up. she likes candy, happiness, and laughter because she is full of joy. she loves to sing but dance horribly. she loves movies and God! she likes to be the center of attention and listens to music 24/7. she is friends with a lot of groups of people. she likes to eat. she cannot be seperated from her ipodtouch. she is full of energy always and people love her for her happiness always. Joyce is everything good, even some stuff i didnt include. Not to boast, but its true. Lastly, you cannot forget that Joyce Tang's are beautiful. Joyce Tang's are so beautiful that she could be a model (but she cant waste her life on that because she is smarter than that) If you are friends with a Joyce Tang you are uberly lucky. If you are a Joyce Tang you should thank the Lord. Joyce Tang's are gifts from heaven, she is like an angel. If you are Joyce Tang's boyfriend you should be happier than ever knowing that your girlfriend is beautiful and everything youve ever wanted.. and more.
Girl: I just became friends with Joyce Tang!
Boy: Are you serious? OK..WELL SHE IS LIKE BEAUTIFUL. tell her i said that.
Girl: Ok.
Boy: OMG what if Joyce Tang likes me?!
Girl: IDK. I will ask her.
Boy: NOOOO! dont because she is like a model, she's like too cool for me.
Girl: Joyce Tang is like so nice though... she is friends with like everyone....!
Boy: Ok. I guess Joyce Tang should know because she is so uberly nice.
Girl: *thinking in mind* I'm so lucky to be friends with a Joyce Tang
Many Boys: *thinking in mind* I wish Joyce Tang were my girlfriend....!
by Happiness girl. November 28, 2011
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