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Jovaughn meaning "God is gracious"

Jovaughn is a all around great guy, very funny, loves to goof around be silly and be active but can also be very serious in certain situations. A Jovaughn is a social butterfly not because he wants to be but because its difficult for people not to like him.

He is very passionate deep inside it just takes the right person to bring it out of him, it takes sometime for a Jovaughn to open up because of how hes been hurt but he will eventually come around, He also hates to be alone at times.

A Jovaughn is very handsome and has a smile people would kill for, he also LOVES every little bit of attention he can get. A jovaughn is also very protective over whoever he is dating he doesn't want any guy hugging, touching, or even smelling whats his. (lol) Da derp dee derp.
Nicknames for Jovaughn
Jovii, That nigga, Lil fuckfuck, TeddyBear, or HAADUUKEEN!!!!

Boy: "Dont fuck with her shes dating that nigga.."
Other Boy: "You mean Jovaughn?"
Boy: "Yeaaupp"
by Baee101312 December 19, 2012
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