He is the sexiest fucking nigga you will ever meet and will always have the largest and gurthiest cock amongst all of his friends. dont mess with this sexy nigga as he will ground pound you into the ground with the immense power of his 30 pound cock. if you ever encounter a Josh within the public, remember to approach him slowly before his nigga powers activate and dont forget to give his massive schlong a good sucking beforwe you leave or else you will recieve the biggest pouding of your life. this sexy mother fucker has the ability to gain the attention of all the men and women but just be wary of them
Joshua Jackson is a sexy child
by papi negro May 23, 2021
1. Great (and often underrated) actor; known to most as Pacey Witter from 90's teen soap "Dawson's Creek" and has starred in various movies in the past decade.

2. Along with Michelle Williams, the only seemingly normal member of the cast that hasn't gone crazy and married/created demon spawn with Tom Cruise.

"Hey did you hear about that new movie Joshua Jackson is in?"

"No, but I have heard that Katie Holmes is a Zombie-Posh-abbe."

"True story."
by Cait Eggers July 21, 2008
The man who stuck his Peter directly into a pile of snow.
Joshua Jackson fricks snow.

Joshua Jackson is a snow friqur

Joshua Jackson stuck his cock into the snow.
by A.I.R News February 23, 2022