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a fun loving goober who puts his values before everything . Always respecting his girlfriend , playing his sports, driving his daddy's work truck, and huntin', fishin', and loving every damn day. Pole vaults like a mexican tryna get over the border wall. Always looks like his life is flashing before his eyes in pictures. Pulled a 10 but he's a 20. Has 3 guns, one in his closet and two on his arms. That one party guy that never takes a sip but still has a good time, even though he ain't here for a long time. His idea of a romantic evening is Johnny Cash on the turntable and sipping on a root beer with his girlfriend, watching the sun set over some hay bales. Not only dresses country, but is country, which is the highest compliment one can receive.
He's SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Joshoshoshborn. He showed up half an hour early for our date, and then I was the envy of all the girls at Bingo Night because my Joshoshoshborn held the door, pulled out my chair for me, etc. I tell y'all, I didn't reckon I could fall this easy, but that was before I met a real JOSHOSHOSHBORN. He's daddy's favorite because he always gets me home before 8 o'clock.
by FlameofUdeeznuts July 12, 2018
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