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~ A white male who has been locked up as many times as a black person...and thus he thinks himself black.

~ Doesn't understand the concept of GIRLFRIEND just GIRLFRIENDS.

~Kindly referred to as Testicle Head by his father; Joshi-squashi-poshi-toshi-loshi by his amazing sister; Wigger by his other sister; Lil Man by his Mother.
~ Has an beautiful daughter. (:
~ Doesnt know how to hold his bowel on long trips. (Let this be a warning)
~ Can not understand the word "No" or "Stop"
~ Is an Irish Mafia Member.
~ Can get out of a duct tape Hog-Tie to see a girl.

~ More to come...Im postive.
Joshiwa you know who you are.

Youll know when you see him.
by ABJ111106 February 08, 2011
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