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A young man who doesn't know what he has until he loses it. A young man who was too immature to realize how lucky he truly was. He ended his relationship for no good reason, expecting that the girl he cared for would be unhurt and nothing would change. Someone who expects too much and lives life as though there's an "undo" button. He has brown hair and green eyes. He's thoughtful, kind, and loyal. When he loves someone, he tells them. When he grows up a bit, any girl who ends up with him is going to be the luckiest girl because he will treat her how a young lady should be treated. He will be respectful and he will love her with his whole heart. His hobbies include skiing and biking, as well as partying with friends. His ex-girlfriend misses him, but wouldn't take him back because Josh doesn't believe in second chances. Even for himself. You should do things right the first time.
"Who were you looking at?"
"No one.."
"You seem so sad though..."
"Not sad, just lonely."
"Was it your ex?"
"Yeah.. we just walked by Josh L..."
by A once broken-hearted-ex-gf January 10, 2012
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