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A mythical creature of very round stature that has a pet turkey named 'Oqueefe' and also plays with his very jagged and macaroni shaped penis. He calls it Christian Katsanos. He also has a neighbor called 'Fatty Philip' who licks his vagina all day and wishing he had a copy of Halo Reach.
One day a brave adventured name 'Cody the FUCKING AWESOME' came through the forest in search of food' He saw Josh Shoup and immediately shot Josh Shoup. Nearby a creature named 'Poopstain' came from under his hole and jumped on Cody leaving piles of shit everywhere. Cody immediately took this little papaya shaped creature and threw it at Josh Shoups penis A.K.A Christian Katsanos. Cody returned home where his neighbor the village homosexual named 'Dylan' was having sex with Pp2000 all over the floor.
by Skinlesssax July 06, 2011
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