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He is the most incredible person in the entire universe. he has so many hopes and dreams even through he makes himself seem like a bad ass. he will make your heart melt and pretty much defines the word "soulmate" right down to the core. if you ever hurt him, it will end up hurting you so much more. big music person and loves to have adventures, and when he says it's forever, he means it and don't ever expect him to eventually give up because he won't if he really really wants it. will give you everything he promises and is very passionate. he is literally the most incredible and wonderful person you will every come to meet if you put as much effort into him as you want him to you, and it does take time to make him open up. he's a guardian angel.
Jose/Pepe soulmate, angel, unexplanatory, sweet and kind
by dmytrydemien October 28, 2010
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