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mexican george foreman grill but instead of a heated press device, a car or truck is used. Pop the hood of a running automobile place your meats on the highest metal points close and latch the hood then drive it around the block a few times or rev the engine in the driveway. Works best on on a preheated motor, it really knocks out the fat at 70 mph. It will look like your dripping oil onto the road but you know better then that. If you see a car getting chased by dogs, they are just making dinner. Cars run on gas, the American George foreman grill runs on wall. You cant cook authentic Mexican food on wall.
WAIT WAIT POP the clutch Maria, !! ..i thought you knew how to cook women. !

you see why i never let anyone use my jorge foreman grill, it needs a tranny and some tires.
by July 22, 2018
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