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A former American Idol winner and teen pop princess with an outrageously full and rotund backside.
"That Jordin Sparks girl can SANG, and damn! Where did she get all that booty at? Her ass is huge!"
by wx18 December 26, 2009
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American Idol's way of showing they're not racist by allowing an underachieving contestant win their show, only because she is black. Another thing, the lyrics of her songs do NOT fit her appearance whatsoever.
American Idol and record producers think America is going to realistically believe that a girl that looks like her is EVER going to turn down, let alone be with the guy in her "tattoo" video. No one is not buying it, and obviously no one is buying her music because her debut CD peaked at number 10 on the charts and sold a whopping 892,000 CDS. More CD's than I will ever sell. But then again, I didn't "win" American Idol.

Not only does the music industry push her because of her skin color. Her vocal range is as flat as Paris Hilton in the song "No Air."

I'm not gonna lie. I can't stand her as long as the 15 minutes she is around for. I do wish her all the success in the world and I'm totally glad she won American Idol and all, but she just doesn't cut it for me.

Only thing going for her is she is the daughter of an ex-New York Giants player back in their shitty days in the mid-late 90's
Even though I'm not shallow. I know the difference between Carrie Underwood and the 6 foot juggernaut Jordin Sparks telling me I have to take "One Step At a time" to be with her.
by ryu lee September 02, 2008
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