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used by Jordans worldwide, a kind of twisted logic which only makes sense to Jordans or close personal freinds of such people, who have, over time, become accustomed to this odd use of langauge.

also known as Jordan-Slang, Jordan Rhyming-Slang, or most commonly "what the fuck? speak normally you twat."
"in a beef lizard"

in short, translated means:

"in a beef" - beef meaning roast, raost rhyming with toast, toast you have with jam, jam is made from strawberries and they contain straws. straws are a tube, tubes are like london. london is the capital. capital is money. i have £4. this is little.

"Lizard" - in greek Sauros. similar to sauron from lord of the rings. there is a race called orcs. ORCS contains almost all the letters in the name OSCAR. oscar wilde. wilde sounds like while.

so, in short, "in beef lizard" is translated into "in a while"

For example:

"Jordan 'insert last name here', are you coming out?"

"In beef lizard"

"Okay what time?"...etc

This is a simple explanation of Jordan-Logic
by Tom Metcalfe November 22, 2006
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