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Noun. Prounounced, Jordan Kah-nots.

A "Jordan Knotts" is the typical nimrod of every highschool, city, state, etc. A Jordan Knotts claims they are completely straight, but everyone knows they like to suck big black cock on the weekends. A person defined as a Jordan Knotts typically finds pleasure in shoving wide, thick objects up their anus and feels the need to be turned on by things the average person wouldn't normally be turned on by or things that are frowned upon by society. For example, their mother, your mother, their grandma, jews, their father, turtles, black poop, bloody poop, and even period blood. A Jordan Knotts can appear awesome at first, but don't let them fool you. They're are quite the trickster!
"Jordan Knotts is such a Jordan Knotts."

"Dude, stop being a fucking Jordan Knotts."
by purrgostine wong December 06, 2011
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