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Author of "Magic without Pants: A Memoir", Penaloza started writing as a young boy while living with a traveling French circus in 1942. He began as a simple water boy for the football team but would soon be promoted to magician. Following many sold out shows and disappearing cats, he was inducted into the prestigious society Avada Kedavra where requirements for membership consist of elastic skin, booty shaking, etc. After a freak accident resulting in 26 bowl cuts, he biked towards Sacramento, CA, USA A-OK. He now resides in a little town in Sacramento called River Parque with his loving husband Adan and his two girls Shauna and Gramarie. Penaloza continues to write to this day and is working his novella, "Grapeshot, the Deadliest Weapon". Occasionally he showcases his flying baby act while riding his fixed gear.
What? You bought two lions? You could've evolved three Jonathan Lee Penaloza's for that greenleaf.
by M0THER April 08, 2009
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