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A tested and proven fact. This band is so abysmally terrible that it would be funny if their "music" wasn't so god damn annoying. If you are a fan of the Jonas Brothers, then you are a tasteless individual who probably has no idea what real music is (see also: Jonas Brothers Fan).
Incredibly rudimentary guitar work, basic and stale drumming and ultra annoying, nasal-as-fuck vocals are what the Jonas Brother's "music" is composed of. It's not original or innovative in the slightest, either.

More proof that the Jonas Brothers suck, as though it was really necessary, is the fact that their fan base is almost entirely retarded. Just check through the comments on any of the many hate videos scattered throughout Youtube. Even scarier still is the fact that some fans actually actively seek out these videos just to attack them... and they say us haters have no lives. Ironic, huh?
by Wormaldson August 03, 2009
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