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Nickname for a person who cannot be taken seriously because of a contemptible act which forever sullies their reputation. Based on an old joke in which a man lists things he doesn't get credit for, instead being nicknamed after one incident of fucking a goat.
Jon: "Nobody gives me credit. I do all this work on statistics, and nobody calls me Jon the Statistician"

Me: "Of course they don't"

Jon: "I pass my PhD and get a research fellowship by kissing ass, but nobody calls me Jon the Research Fellow"

Me: "Surprise, surprise..."

Jon: "But you fuck one goat..."

Me: "Yes, but it wasn't just ONE goat was it you fucking cunt, you fuck goats day in day out, you don't eat or sleep or mow the lawn you fuck goats all day long, fuck you Jon the Goatfucker"

Jon: "Oh no, I am sad now, I am going to go and slash my wrists like the retarded psychopathic piece of shit I am"
by Anuspounder September 22, 2009
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