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A flaming homosexual Chinese male(?) who was best remembered for drinking a disgusting concoction in Kim's AP History class. Often, he would attempt to awkwardly start social conversations with his peers. Sadly, he is often ignored. At first glance, he seems like an ordinary Chinese male with glasses. However, do not allow his glasses to fool you, his IQ is believed to be on par with a chimpanzee. His awkward social skills and weak stature was the antithesis of the school's Spartan mascot. Hence, he was named the Spartan Troll aka Ephialtes.
Jon Chan was a 2007 graduate of Schurr High School.

Beware of treacherous Jon Chan, the Spartan Troll, for his deformed stature and mental retardation will surely induce vomiting.
by Beware of the Spartan Troll October 19, 2011
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